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About Cornwall College Alumni Association of Canada

How does a group of individuals combine their love for children and the importance of education?


They create an organization called the Cornwall College Alumni Association – Canada, or simply CCAA (Canada). CCAA is involved in a number of programs, in Jamaica and Canada, which enhance the overall development of young children at the critical age of 11-19 years. The organization does not receive any government funding so it is only by the generosity of individuals that CCAA can continue to provide these vital programs.

The Cornwall College Alumni Association (CCAA) formally known as Cornwall College Old Boys Association Canada (CCOBA Canada), is a charitable organization that was established in September 1978. The founding Board members were, Dr. W. MacLean (President), Mr. D. Jolly (Vice President), Mr. K. V. Donaldson (Secretary), Mr. K. Johnson (Treasurer), and Dr. D. Holness, Messrs. C. Reynolds, K. Mullings, E. Gough and K. Johnson (Members at Large). As a not-for-profit charitable organization, all proceeds from CCAA will be invested in promoting the mission of the organization.


Missing At Sea

January 31, 2017

Fatal Attraction boat with 4 persons on board left Inagua, Bahamas on Friday, January 6th en route for Port Antonio, Jamaica. Among those who were on board are Basil Young and Javan Patel. Basil Young is a Cornwallian who was at school in the early 60s and was a member of the '72 DaCosta Cup team. Javan Patel is the son of broadcaster Tony Patel and his wife Joy who is the sister of Basil and Mickey

Anyone one with contacts regarding missing/detained persons in Cuba or Haiti is asked to contact Mickey at : or 876-807-7597.


January 17, 2017

Message from the President: Please join me in expressing our deep condolences to two esteemed members of the Cornwall College Alumni Association Canadian Chapter.

  1. Mr. Paul Taylor, Cornwallian extraordinaire, lost his sister after she fought a long battle with cancer, a fight we thought she was winning. Further information on the funeral which is scheduled to take place on Saturday January 21st in Pickering will follow.
  2. Mr. Lennox Parkinson aka Fred, aka Greng Greng, aka Lippy, aka Dapper Len lost his dad this past Sunday. This after a horrific motor vehicle accident that took place a year ago leaving him severely disabled. He fought valiantly but finally succumbed and will be laid to rest in Florida. Further information on funeral arrangements will follow.

Let's keep our brothers and their families in our prayers and ensure that we give them all the support we can.

CCAA Exec Meeting

January 12, 2017

Reminder: On January 26th there will be an Exec Meeting / Distribution of Brunch Ticket/Discussion on Fish Fry


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Breakfast Programme Launched

Your Donations Help Improve Lives

Scores of needy students are now benefitting from the Cornwall College Breakfast Programme, which was officially launched at the Orange Street, Montego Bay-based institution on Wednesday. Read More

Scholarship Disbursement

Your Donations Help Improve Lives

CCOBA Canada was the proud sponsor of a scholarship at the Alliance of Jamaica Alumni Association (AJAA) graduate scholarship program. Our sponsorship helped an individual to attend college. Read More

Solar Energy Project

Your Donations Help Improve Lives

We have embarked on our most ambitious project to date; We are currently working on a plan to meet Cornwall College's electric power needs in the 21st century with solar energy. Read More